Diane Dunn

Pearls and Codes

In September 2022, Diane began a new practice communicating with her Soul, whose name is Kiara. Through this practice Diane has learned to trust her inner knowing and connection with soul-wisdom. The Pearls and Codes on this site (and in her latest book) are the result of this work.

Recent Pearls

Recent Pearls



Diane is a story-teller. Her stories are about her own experiences, insights, visions, and the amazing things that happen when she stays out of her own way and allows the magic of life to unfold.

In addition to writing, Diane enjoys speaking to groups both large and small about her books and the many practices she’s learned from her years in Peru.


The essence of the Andean Spiritual Tradition is learning to work with energy—harnessing the energy of sacred mountains, Pachamama, and the four elements, to use for transformation and healing.


    After several months of communicating with her soul, Diane received a message that her next project would be related to World Peace. She found it daunting and was not at all clear on how to begin but kept getting messages to trust the way would be shown to her. After a month of research, nothing was resonating. Then she received an email from an organization called Unity about an initiative to manifest peace on earth by 2030. After reading their website, she committed to form a Team to play the Peace Game.

    About Diane

    Diane is from New York, and after a career in theatre she graduated from Union Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela, where she developed an outreach program for the homeless in Johannesburg. It was there she was introduced to Peruvian shamanism and was inspired by her teacher to create a spiritual center in Cusco’s Sacred Valley.

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